Discover New Zealand with a campervan! Set camp with your friends and enjoy the access to remote places Luxurious interior

Discover New Zealand with a campervan!

A country so rich in variety makes you want to be as independent as possible. Its stunning landscapes are like a dream for every outdoor person. Travelling in a campervan gives you the opportunity to wake up every morning in a different slice of paradise.

Set camp with your friends and enjoy the access to remote places

Being able to camp almost everywhere with our self-contained campers makes your NZ adventure individual and exciting. Be able to follow local advice. Enjoy!

Luxurious interior

Spend some time inside to prepare a meal or relax in our mobile homes - make the best of a rainy day or just enjoy watching all the photographs you took during your adventure.

Be independent

New Zealand is a country that offers highlights after every corner on the road. Being able to decide where to go and sleep spontaneously will amaze you.

Travel cheaper

Our self-contained vehicles provide you a certificate which allows to camp almost everywhere in New Zealand. So paying for holiday parks can be avoided which even saves you some money on the road.

See everything

New Zealand is well-known for its friendly people. You will find many people you meet will advise you of their personal favourites and recommendations, a campervan allows you to go on the road to see it first-hand.

Spread out

Some of our campers are very spacious. No need to travel with limited luggage and you can have everything you want with you wherever you go. Even our Sleepervans have big storage areas.